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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use a professional formatter?
2. What does formatting include?
3. Do you provide editing services?
4. How are you different from a formatting service?
5. Will I be working with you directly?

Why should I use a professional formatter?

Every major university, periodical, and publishing house in the United States has specific—and in many cases, idiosyncratic—formatting requirements. Some utilize published guides such as APA, MLA, or Turabian. Others have requirements that are similar but not identical to these popular styles. Whatever your insitution mandates, I have almost certainly seen it before. As a professional formatter, I can ensure that your document is formatted correctly the first time—sparing you the frustrating cycle of submission, rejection, and revision that many students experience when they opt to "go it alone."

What does formatting entail?

Formatting refers primarily to the structure and presentation of the document itself. It includes, but is certainly not limited to, ensuring that:

  • All pages, including preliminary and end pages, are properly laid out and numbered;
  • Page numbers and headings in the table of contents match page numbers and headings in the text;
  • All sources referenced in the text are in the works cited, and all sources in the works cited are referenced in the text;
  • Margin widths, line spacing, and the number of spaces after punctuation are consistent throughout the document and adhere to established standards; and
  • The presentation of tables, figures, and other illustrations adheres to stated guidelines.

Needless to say, formatting a thesis or dissertation can be a time-consuming process. It requires a thorough understanding of the specified style guide as well as a meticulous eye for detail and no small amount of patience.

Do you provide editing services?

While I do light copy editing, correcting English spelling and any minor grammatical errors that I come across while formatting, I do not provide substantive editing services.

How are you different from a formatting service? My university recommended against a service.

I agree with your university! While I am a professional formatter, and I do provide a service, I am not a "formatting service." Formatting services are impersonal, anonymous Internet storefronts that will offer to format your document online for a very low per page price. (I'm sure you've heard the saying "You get what you pay for...") While there may be some honest, reputable formatting services out there, you really never know who you are working with or what your individual formatter's qualifications are—or if you have an individual formatter at all.

My standard rates include an hour of telephone conference time. I am also available to meet local clients face-to-face. Although I do not publish all of my personal information online, by the time we agree to work together, you will know my full name, address, and phone number. I am a real person, and we will have a real and productive partnership.

Will I be working with you directly?

Absolutely! I only take on those projects that I am confident I can complete well in advance of their established deadlines. Therefore, I do not feel pressured to outsource any of my work. That said, I do have relationships with others in my field—so in the unlikely event that I am unable to take on your project, I can refer you to another professional formatter.

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